We are a boutique debt mediation firm
Consumers under debt mediation may terminate the agreement at any time and proceed to attend to their matters without our assistance.
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Will not reflect negatively on credit bureau.

You do not have to include all accounts.

You can apply for future consolidation finance.

Stop all legal action immediately.

You will experience immediate financial relief.

Only one consolidated debt instalment.

Save 50% of original instalments.

The perfect alternative for Debt Review and Administration.


What can you expect from debt mediate

We Make Life Easier

We usually do a formal assessment to see what you can afford after making provision for your household expenses e.g. groceries, school fees, transport etc....

We also do a credit check to make things easier. You don’t have to struggle getting account numbers and creditor details.

When we have decided on an instalment amount, the contract will be drawn up and signed with a digital signature.

All you have to do is go through the document to see if all information is correct. You will be asked to approve the digital signature, so no printing, signing or scanning. Very easy.

The Process

You will be asked to send proof of a stop order you organized with your bank for the agreed amount. You can also do this via internet banking and send proof to me.

Your file will be assigned to an administration clerk to start the process.

You will only pay one consolidated amount to pay all your creditors. The first two instalments will be deducted for admin and legal costs. The creditors will start receiving funds from month 3.

The accounts will be scrutinized for reckless credit and creditors will be forced to prove their claims. This will ensure that all unnecessary listings on your credit profile will be removed.

  • Debt Mediation Explained

    Our mediators assist over-indebted consumers who do not want to apply for Debt Review or Administration, without having their credit report affected negatively. We explain in detail what debt mediation is.

  • All Your Questions Answered

    Consumers will still have the opportunity to apply for future consolidation finance after having their financial situation re-structured to the extent where they can afford consolidation or future finance.

  • Get Me Started

    Mediation assure immediate financial relief in regards to your household expenses. Over - indebted consumers under Debt Mediation could still apply for finance. Let's get you started with the debt mediation process by applying for your free consultation.